Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Port Dickson Avillion Spa

Hye! Its an interesting project given to me & a week to complete the visuals. Basically the spa resort situated in Port Dickson beach & most interesting part is, its actually built on top of the sea level. Kind of relaxing & cool atmosphere. Overall the design themes is Baba & Nyonya. Rendering is approx. 3-5 hours each.

Pardon my bad English :D


polaris studio said...

gud job dude.nice blend of tropical & minimalist design.keep on gud work.btw, all ur artworks are wicked gud=)

nash said...

avi spa bags 2 awards at Malaysia Spa & Wellness Awards 2009!

“Most Unique Spa Destination Award 2009" earlier in the year followed by the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2009 (APIDA 2009) for which avi spa was the Silver Award recipient from 5 spas selected within Asia.

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