Friday, January 09, 2009

Job 'Revisited'

For those who are my regular visitors in this blog...u all shud remember this entry.

Well.. finally, the job has completed with a lots of compliments from the clients and my boss himself. Its one of the job that i personally think really well execute. Here is the actual photos...and u guys can see the design not so much different from my 3d rendering towards the final products.

Congratulations for all of my officemates who works really really hard for this projects. Really 'canggih' team :)

Italian Restaurant

Last December 08, I've met this great guy, Mr Simon. So kind & funny guy. He giving me an opportunity for this super quick 3d job, visuals for Italian Restaurant for one of his client. Not much on a fancy design but more on practicality and easy construct.

Wish u guys a happy new year 2009. Good luck to all of u...

Coming soon.. My new rendering for resthouse @ Cameron Highland & Bukit Fraser...